Housemanship: Just about my week in urology

"Behind every cloud is another cloud." - Judy Garland It has been a terrible week. Sorry, I could not think of how else to define/describe the past 7 days I put myself through, or rather what I have gone through. First off, 15 house officers left the surgical department to the next, with only 2… Continue reading Housemanship: Just about my week in urology

To do medicine is to service above all

Do we know what studying medicine and becoming a doctor means? Prologue Recently I was invited to speak about "Medicine: Expectation vs Reality" in MMI Young Medic's 4th instalment of their annual Webinar series. It was a great honor, after working with MMI for 5 years, and then finally an opportunity to be invited as… Continue reading To do medicine is to service above all

Starting Out: Housemanship

I think it's hard. I think it's been incredibly hard to work as a house officer. This is the harsh truth. Just today, I made a mistake and it hit me that what really bugs me the most is the constant anxiety that something can go wrong, anything, everything, any time, any day, whenever. It happened today and I felt absolutely helpless, regretful and can only hope that all will be well. It is time like this you would wish that someone will tell you "it's alright, we all made mistakes". But the reality is this, you are not allowed to make mistakes, they bring dire consequences, and you know it. I supposed this is the job we all signed up for as doctors.