You Can Choose Happiness

I. Beginning

There are dark clouds, clear clouds and the shady ones. It is sad to see those drowning in their own pool of sorrow. It is refreshing to those who see their lives all so fluid-free. Then those who are oblivious, with undecided minds, find themselves in difficult positions all the time. Why do we live our lives all so differently, when it can be one that is simple and easy? If we could choose, why can’t we choose to be happy and free? Why do we put ourselves in a position we regret and we don’t want to face? Why do we keep picking up problems we have to face, one way or the other. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

It is without a doubt that negative energy is the single most dangerous energy that radiates, resonates and infect all souls and minds. We pollute ourselves with a power we cannot control. The best part is we continue to do so to ourselves.

Then we ask ourselves this:

“Why do we only think about all the bad, but never about the good?”

The answer is simple.

The bad hurts. It hurts our dignity, it can destroy our integrity, but for the most part, it breaks the principles we believe in so much.

Yet the irony is this: The good is good. It does not hurt our dignity, if at all, through our journeys, we strengthen our integrity and we validate our principles through our experience. Yet, it does not affect us as much as if something horrible would happen. That horrible is an energy we cannot seem to repel.

I am 21 years old and I do not have children. I will not be able to appreciate the sacrifices parents would make because I am not a parent. But it is not impossible to put myself in my parents’ shoe. We tell kids to stop eating junk food, but they continue to do so. We scold them because they eat junk food and not because it is unhealthy. Here is the logic: children are children, they are incapable of understanding the similarities between what is unhealthy and what junk food represents. Because of that, we tell kids to stop eating junk food, rather than to teach them what is unhealthy and therefore they should stop eating them.

Now here is the question that will redefine the way your thought process is. “Why do we even introduce junk food in the first place?” Had we not introduce this, we wouldn’t be nurturing unhealthy habits. We would have been cautious as to better protect them.

Had we not introduce junk food, we wouldn’t be in a position to stop children from eating them, and in the process, we would not be scolding them and feeding them negative energy. They would not be feeling depressed and emotional in the first place. It is an act with a cause and effect.

Negative energy starts off somewhere. It latches onto you as soon as you realise and understand what negativity means: destructive in nature and painful to feel. Here is the treatment to the scenario I just illustrated: Remove all junk food, erase the word and it’s meaning and never introduce them to children. Negative energy will not reach them, until something else allows its ignition.

II. Vulnerability 

There is a spark, it is a stimulus. For every stimuli, there is a processing pathway, followed by a response. In this processing warehouse, our brains, we each react to our surroundings differently and therefore our responses will never be the same.

Some of us might be more vulnerable than the others and some might never be. Because we allow ourselves to indulge in what the world has to offer, we become vulnerable. Indeed, we are ourselves the cause and effect of our actions. Because of how we were brought up as a child and how we mature through our pubertal period, our thought process are wired in ways we cannot imagine. Its complexity is far beyond anyone at any depth.

Our experiences teach us how we humanise and be human. Because we are human, we are subjected to many external forces. That is a stimuli.

I believe that our experiences, the way we were brought up or taught, our culture, principles and our beliefs system, we respond to negativity differently. And so we are vulnerable at all times. Because we are vulnerable, we are subjected to hurt ourselves. But that is not the issue because it is all part of a learning curve and it is an experience we ought to have one way or the other. This journey teaches us how we humanise and be human and that is how we learn.

Because of how we were brought up and moulded by our environment, we can’t change how we express or respond to a certain stimuli at any instant. Our motor systems are innate, it is a reflex and it tells us that this is how we respond at any time given the circumstances.

Vulnerability. The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

We are all vulnerable. But that is not the issue. The issue is how we respond and how our minds were wired to think in order to produce the necessary response. Peculiar.

III. Psyche vs. the Immune System

What is innate in us allows us to have the adaptive ability towards our surrounding. This is the mechanism of our immune system.

Notice how bad things keep happening and one day you just start accepting your fate and you start going along with it, until one day you become so numb that you forget what good feels like. This is the adaptive response our psyche has embedded us with. Unlike our psyche, our immune system hardly forgets because of the memory cells they can produce. But unlike our psyche, the immune system can end itself in a vicious cycle of inflammation and repair. The result is unappealing. Our psyche however tells us that we can think what we want to think. Although our id, ego and superego illustrates a courtroom that represents our psyche and within this four walls are where all our sins and immorality are being judged.

We ought to be thankful because unlike our immune system, we can reason with our innate superego. Because we are so heavily judged by our very own psyche, our shields are those illustrations and that amounts to how vulnerable we can be.

We ought to be thankful because unlike our immune system where repair can actually end up with more harm than good, in our psyche, we can actually choose the good.

We ought to be thankful because unlike our immune system, we don’t need to be stuck in a vicious cycle if we choose not to. What is important is making that realisation that you have power and control over yourself.

Now, we come back to this:

“Why do we only think about all the bad, but never about the good?”

And our answer was this:

The bad hurts. It hurts our dignity, it can destroy our integrity, but for the most part, it breaks the principles we believe in so much.

But now, here is the difference. We can choose our rights and freedom. We have that ability to do so.

I choose to be free. I choose to be happy. I choose to be good.

Because I choose, I govern my life, my psyche and I safeguard myself from harm.

The treatment to negative energy is simple. You have to realise that you can make a choice to be happy or sad. You can make a choice if you want to feel happy at this moment, at this instant or be drowned in your own sea of tears. You can choose, because you govern your life, you are your own government. Nobody can penetrate it unless you let them. Your mind, your soul and your body, it is yours. Because it is yours, you can choose.

Choose happiness.

Always be positive because a good mental health determines the way you live your life. Nobody wants to be that sad child sobbing in the corner when you can make a difference and the necessary change to perception, to the way we believe and process thoughts and emotions. You can choose.

When you can take hold of your life fully, always remember this, there is no reason at all to be unhappy when the best hormones that fills you up happens to be happiness, so why not enrich yourself with positivity and practice your life with immense positivism. Why? Because positive mental health is important. It governs your life and soul, and you can choose because you are your own government.

Positive mental health is important. Choose to be happy, because you can.

IV. Conclusion

You can choose whatever emotions you want to feel. So choose the emotion that makes you feel great. Be positive for everything you do because that is what makes up a good mental health.

Whenever you find yourself in the darkest corners, remember what it means to be happy and remember that you can take hold of your life and you can decide at that very moment if you want to be happy or not.

If a stimulus harms you, you can repel that energy. A good mental health will determine how vulnerable you can be. But remember this, you get to choose and you get to make a choice. You can choose not to absorb those negative energy. You can choose to radiate and resonate positive energy if you want to.

Life is simple if you want it to be. Life is free if you choose to be fluid-free. Don’t let things get out of hand just because you can’t choose happiness. It is a choice, not a pre-determined social situation. You can choose. Choose what is good for you.

Written by,

Darien Liew

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