Dear Adam

I know sometimes we receive commands from the highest hierarchy within the human’s justice system – the brain, it may not always be logical and sensible, it may even be self-destructive in nature even, at the very least it tries its best to level out the complications. Here’s my message to a dear friend in his encounter with his fear, confusion, emotions and judgements.


Dear Adam,

It is a hard time for you. I’m sorry for what you have to go through. But everyone goes through it eventually and I’m sorry that this is the time for you. I want you to know that no matter what, friends are the closest people you have and they will help you get through thick and thin, I know I did.

Adam, it is not the end of the world, it is only the beginning. Humble beginnings start when all the tragic endings resolve with resolutions and closure. Adam, the world is a nasty place and nothing is ever easy but if you put your faith up high and you worship your faith strongly, you will be fine in no time. The world is a nasty place, but this is the world we live in and this world will teach us important lessons. I believe this is one lesson you’ll learn.

I know what is going on in your mind. It must be rumbling with emotions and Satan is feeding your emotions with vicious thought and the demon cries at night, it pulls you to the foot end of the bed and it tells you to cry in the corner and you will do what it says because this is how depression, anxiety and confusion works. Adam, know this, it doesn’t last very long.


“What ever you are feeling, it is momentary. You will survive this, you will move on and you will conquer all your demons.”

Life will get easier.

I know how lonely the nights can be. I know. I’ve experienced all this at difficult times just like you had. I know how hard it is to be alone and somehow it just feels like the world had abandoned you. You will feel like the road has reached its end and there is no where to go, no where to drive, empty. Despairity.

Don’t forget this, you have embarked on a very long journey and the light is ahead of you. The great white light to greatness is ahead of you. Just walk pass the shadows, overcome your fears, sprinkle some salt, wear an onion necklace around you if you need to, shoo the demons away, you will eventually reach the light.

This feeling, that lingers at your tail, creeps at night and never leaves your sight, this is all just your emotions toying with your higher function. Don’t allow this lack of judgement get to your better senses. You are better than this. You are more human than this. And you will thrive hard to be a better person because what makes you a better person is the wholesomeness of your heart, the purity and the sanguinity of your soul. The very depth of your heart defines who you are as a person, how humane you are.

Mundanes. We are nothing but humans. Humans will bleed and cry. And it’s okay.

It’s okay.

You will cry as and when you need to. But don’t cry too long because you will need to rise again.

It is only momentary, what ever you are feeling. Though all the emotions and thoughts may overwhelm you, know that it will most definitely go away. You may feel paranoid and you may start questioning every thing there is in life, you will feel so depressed you’ve lost hold of the threshold you thought your depression could reach, and lastly you’ll feel so lonely that it gets so cold at night that you can’t help but cry inside your blankets and think about everything there is to think about. Adam, life doesn’t end here. It starts here.

When you are ready, it would as if be like you have been reborn.

When everything that’s momentary have passed. You will feel like a different person. You will feel like you have grown with maturity and you will feel like you have succumb all your fears and gained a new perspective in life. All the realisations you will make will allow you to better your brain’s justice system and allow you to process things differently, maturely and certainly not overtly emotional.

Life does not end just cause you think it has for you.

“Humble beginnings start when all the tragic endings resolve with resolutions and closure. “

Just wait for it. Time will heal. Your soul will find its pieces back together.


Your friend,

Darien Liew


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