High and Mighty

Birth. Shot by Jesper Huang.

I remember. I remember it all. Yeah, you know it’s you I’m talking about. The best part is, I never forget. I remember every sin, every faults, every transgression you’ve made pertaining to this matter. I know it all. But hey, look at where I’m standing. I see myself at a height you can never reach. The lengths I’ve gone through, to get what I deserve, the height I’ve had to claw my way up, this isn’t a reflex to a damaged childhood, it is a proactive step to a vision that serves a greater ambition.

IMG20180618 High and Mighty (3)
We’ve got sins to live with. Deal with it.
IMG20180618 High and Mighty (1)
I see it all.

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate you, I just don’t see you. Now you know why we were never close.



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