MMI Mental Health

On June 9 and 10, 2018, I had the opportunity to organise a 2 day event under the Malaysian Medics International Malaysia Branch Council. I was deeply inspired by the importance of mental health in recent events the past few years and more so in the predisposition factors to all mental health issues. I understood the theories behind psycho-sexual behaviour, psycho-motor behaviours personality, attachment and etc. with my baseline knowledge when I studied Psychology during the Australian Matriculation Program. I was lucky enough to have a very supporting partner and friend, Sue Fen, my Vice Organising Chairperson for the MMI Mental Health event. It has gone through multiple branding, including “Psych!” etc, before finally deciding on the title to be MMI Mental Health: A Novel Approach.

The two most important figures throughout the entire planning of the event – Dr. Sivakumar who is the Deputy Head (Education) of the Clinical School Johor Bahru, and Tan Sue Fen who is a Year 4 medical student from IMU.

The MMI Mental Health conference was designed with one goal, to understand the issues surrounding troubled children and how criminals come about. Essentially, I wanted to explore the clinical implications to certain theories that came about many decades ago. Freud’s Psychosexual theory was one of those. In this era, at this time and day where technology advance faster than the multiplication of human cellular biology, it is very clear to the public that these theories can vaguely apply to our daily lives. This conference proves that there is a need for these theories to live on, to allow us to understand the complications behind human nature. I truly hoped that participants have gained tremendously from this event and appreciated our efforts and values behind this event.

This is a shot of all our participants during the Perinatal Mental Health Discussion, spearheaded by Siti Syahirah, who did an amazing job from research, data collection to planning and inviting speakers, to conducting the entire session. She has proven herself to be more than just a competent medical student, but also an amazing leader.

When I was returning to MMI Malaysia for a second term, I knew that I could have the opportunity to organise events, and I did. Hence, my planning for MMI Mental Health has started way back then in December 2017. I have the utmost respect and thanks to the International Medical University, Student Representative Council, especially Kishen Kunalan, and Nedsome, for aiding me in the entire logistics of it. None of this could have happened without the logistics team and our collaborator, IMU SRC.

Definitely an incomplete shot of the MMI-SRC team. A huge thank you to everyone who played a role in MMI Mental Health.

I also had the opportunity to present tokens to a few of my most respected teachers, doctors and professors.



Of course, I need to thank all my friends and fellow Monashians for joining in for the MMI Mental Health conference. IMG_8662.JPG

With 19 speakers, 8 psychiatrists,  8 psychologist, 1 obstetrics and gynaecology specialist, 1 family medicine specialist and 1 laughter yoga teacher, we made it happen!

Taken during Prep Night! Where are the SRC members!?

MMI Mental Health Photo Album can be viewed here.



Darien Liew

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