Letters to Juliet

Dear Juliet,

Don’t be disheartened by the cruelty this world has to offer. The world is a dark and scary place and it is constantly filled with threats and terrible ideals, you wouldn’t want to imagine. Don’t let the fire burn you down because you’re made of wood, a heart forged of steel and a mind as brilliant as Einstein, you are a wonder to the world and someday the world will thank you for your generosity, purity and sincerity, never will you burn down to ashes but instead, you will ignite and shine the torch that the world needs so much of right now, guidance. It has been lacking these days. The world needs more of that, more of you.

A baby cries when its born. It fills its lung with air and its blood starts flowing, its heart starts pumping. Dup-Dup, Dup-Dup, Dup-Dup. Life is precarious but it is for this reason that we are also surrounded by amazing things. Our eyes are constantly opened to new and wonderful stimulus. Don’t let the horrors shun you, don’t let them hinder you from greater things because you are great. If you can believe and if you can rise above and be free, then you can mesmerise in the thoughts of freedom and nirvana. Safe heaven.

Juliet, no more tears. Why would you want to cry just because of one misfortunate event? I know, you’ve poured your heart and soul into forging a bar of gold. But this gold may not be worth your fortune. Someday it may carry very little value or perhaps no value at all. Or someday it will bring you the most fortune. But why get upset with a bar of gold when you can create platinum and have all the diamonds in the world. It is not worth it to be upset, to waste that energy on something so worthless. Bring yourself together, gather your energy, something great is about to happen! I sincerely believe that. Focus your attention, bring your pieces back, reform yourself, reborn anew.

I know it’s hard. But it won’t stay hard for long, sooner or later you will feel glorious again, you will feel free and joy and renewed. Life teaches us many things and let this be a teaching of the existence of terrible mortals. After all, mortals will sin. But if you could do good in the world, then will you still consider yourself a sinner? Rise above Juliet, you can be the better person here, so choose to be one! Don’t let these things obscure your vision and you goal to become the person you are meant to be. You will be upset for a very long time but always remember that this pain you feel now, it will go away, it will not last very long and it will most definitely disappear. I don’t know when and I don’t know how. But one day you will wake up feeling okay again. Until then, let positivism and clarity guide you and steer you to the righteous path.

Darien Liew

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